I listen a lot… when I drive in the car, when I work out etc. I listen to audiobooks on Audible and from Christian Audio.

Audible is a subscription based service by Amazon. They have their own audio format and an amazing app. In my opinion it’s the best audio book app available.

Christian Audio offers different subscriptions and the option to just buy audiobook. They use the MP3-format and also have their own player. It’s getting better, but it’s still far for Audible. BUT they have a free audiobook each month. That’s actually what got me started on audiobooks some years ago.

I also listen to a log of sermons and podcasts. For downloaded material I use Cloud Player for Android. It can let you stream audio files directly from DropBox and OneDrive.

But most of what I listen to, is made available on YouTube or as podcast.

I have tried a lot of podcast sofware, but I keep coming back to Podcast Republic. If you would like to borrow my current list of podcasts, you can get it here